Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Tree Stand 2014

Last year and the year before that and well just about every year it has been a major ordeal setting up the Christmas tree.

The picking out is fun and easy - we go to Evergreen Nursery - walk up and down the rows, bypassing the Spruce and heading straight for the Nobles.

We narrow down our selection, spin one or two to determine symmetry and then choose.

Tree is bagged, I mean netted, and paid for and then the hard work begins.

We have an old, red and green, slightly rusty, a bit wonky, tree stand. My husband and I have used it for as long as I can remember putting up a tree.

Until this year.

Very dear friends from back east took pity on us once I posted these photos and sent us this for Christmas 2013.

Which we put to use this past weekend.

So easy-to-use that we kept waiting for the tree to fall.

Or at least lean.

Or spring water leaks.


Didn't happen.

4 days and counting…

I think we have a winner!

Thanks Dan and Linda, you're the best.

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