Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dental Health

I went to the dentist this week to have my teeth cleaned.

And left with a bag of goodies to keep my smile looking sparkly.

Which got me to thinking about all the items I have invested in to keep these pearly whites looking their best.

A sonicare.

The first time I used it I thought, WOW, could a person be any lazier than buying a machine to brush their teeth. But I quickly caved and realized all the benefits – it does a better job, it runs for two minutes (much longer than a person would manually brush) and I trust the advice of my dentist.

Am pretty sure I am quoting her when I say ‘only brush the ones you want to keep.”

Then there is flossing, Listerine and ACT.

A new gadget has been added to the arsenal to get between those pesky back teeth and it looks like a miniature bottle cleaner.

Soon I will need to devote an entire medicine cabinet to my dental paraphernalia.

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