Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sea World

For a number of years our visits to Sea World were so frequent that I could recite the dialogue (along with the actors) during the shows.

This did not take away the excitement of seeing killer whales up close and personal.

Nor compel me to sit in the soak zone.


But I do appreciate that EVERYTHING has changed. More rides. More exhibits. Every show is different. And it has only been 3 years!

It was hard to say good-bye to Shamu and his buddies.

But we wanted to see every up Cirque del la Mer.....all about the acrobats.

Lots of pole climbing and spandex.

And posing.

Then came the scarves and twirling.

And spinning.

But we were more interested in sea over to Sea Lions Live.

They spoofed tv shows, from CSI to Dancing With The Stars.

It started with ballroom.

And finished with hip hop.

Do not miss this show - it was hysterical - Biff (a human performer) was one of the highlights as he warmed up the crowd and cycled through a variety of costumes and dance moves (he transformed into Olivia Newtown-John and John Travolta singing "Your the One that I Want" while donning a half sultry blonde/half coiffed brunette wig).

One show that I don't need to see again was the abomination that used to be a thrilling dolphin show.

Sure there are still a few dolphins jumping out of the water.

But for the most part, they are eclipsed by an elaborate stage, loud Disney-esque music and bird people swinging about....I miss the old dolphin show.

Then it was time for exhibits....Shark Encounter followed by Penguin Encounter and finally the brand new Turtle Reef.

Window upon window into their world.

Plus an interactive computer game (featuring animated turtles) that had all the kids lined up to play (turning their backs on the real turtles swimming by the glass).

Great day filled with Shamu-shaped pretzels and Shamu-shaped ice cream bars and sips from a dolphin-topped refillable cup.

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  1. I am so glad to know that they've changed the shows--the same old stuff was getting kind of stale. We will have to go back! (And yes, they are getting ever so cautious about not overworking the animals....)