Monday, 15 August 2011

Iceoplex in Escondido

Last Saturday, we watched a relative from Massachusetts compete in a figure skating competition in the State Games of America.

She was poised and graceful.

You would never know she was a bundle of nerves beforehand. Or that she brought a stuffed animal from home for good luck.

It was an eye-opening kind of evening for those of us that weren’t brought up with skate lessons and twirly skirts.

The age spread was incredible - little girls up to females nearing seventy were laced up and on the ice.

And the outfits, oh my.

There were a few vendors showcasing stretchy, sparkly costumes with gasp-producing price tags. $425, really, for what appeared to be nothing more than a bedazzled Danskin.

Performers included cowgirls and lobsters and everything in between. One competitor went for color from head to toe. Literally.

It was fun to cheer and shout and get the inside scoop on figure skating (apparently you need swarovski crystals to achieve high sparkle on your skating dress).

Hats off to all who dedicated hours to routines and jumps and have the muscle and toned thighs to show for it.

You put on quite a show!

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