Friday, 5 August 2011


Three days off.

Destination: Cambria

A car trip up the California coast.

And Summerland (just south of Santa Barbara) is a great place to stop along the way.

Stretch your legs.

Eat breakfast at the Summerland Beach Cafe.

Go shopping at Botanik.

For succulents…

or chandeliers.

Stop by the local beach.

Treat your pet to a spa day.

Summerland is very pet-friendly.

And don’t leave town without a visit to Just Folk.

This piece is called Tantrum.

There is a pig on the porch.

And much to see inside.

Before getting back in the car and hitting the road.

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  1. Oh Lori there are so many great treasures out there to see in our state! You should write a guidebook!