Friday, 20 January 2012

Care Package

Our nephew is doing research for his Ph.D.

In Freetown.

The Republic of Sierra Leone.

Which is in West Africa.

He flew there in September and will stay until the end of April.

I emailed to see if he wanted a care package from the States. Was there anything he was craving? Could he use some entertainment? What did he miss that he couldn't buy there?

He is polite and insisted that it would be too costly and that he was fine....but after a lot of back-and-forth, we were able to get a short list out of him.

Which lead me to Jimbos Organic Grocery, Whole Foods and Adventure 16 to gather supplies.

Went down aisles that I have never been to before and purchased items I have never heard of ---- such as Holy Basil Extract and Valerian Root.

Boxed it up and went to Postal Annex to see what it would take to get a 2-pound box from San Diego to Africa.

Fell over when I heard the price.



But I was assured that it does include tracking.

Chose the relatively inexpensive First Class Priority Mail with no tracking.

The nice woman that handled all the paperwork wished me a good day and then said, in all seriousness, "Please come back and let me know if the package ever makes it to its destination."

Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Package arrived February 22nd. Ripped and opened a bit but it made it!

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