Friday, 13 January 2012

Soledad Mountain Hike

A friend suggested this route.

Described in detail on page 81 of 50 BEST SHORT HIKES - San Diego by Jerry Schad, it is a six-mile out-and-back starting at 100 feet in downtown La Jolla and reaching 811 feet at Soledad Park.

The view from the top is incredible but it was even more fun to walk through the neighborhoods, admire the houses and landscaping, while getting a peek here and there of the coastline.

And I found my all-time favorite mailbox.

Can't believe it wasn't listed in the guide!!!


Gonna save my breath, skip the exclamation points and just take you on a journey.

A little house on top of a large house.

Scripps Pier off in the distance.

Soledad Park.
Benches around the perimeter to catch your breath and eat lunch.

This belongs on the cover of best mailboxes in San Diego.

A succulent arch to greet you at the start and finish.

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  1. Gee. I feel like I just took the hike with you. And I'm not even tired!