Monday, 5 March 2012

Marina del Rey

Top-siders (or perhaps you call them boat shoes or deck shoes) are never really in style.

But they never go away either.

I have always liked the look of a man, in jeans, no socks, wearing a pair of top-siders.

Especially when they are aged and scuffed up (the shoes, not the man).

West Marine store.

Seems that the old standbys have inched wise.

At least in the Women's Department.

Available in shiny black or white patent leather.

Over in the boating section we saw the latest in SUPs (Stand Up Paddle boards).

Apparently, you can now purchase an inflatable version.

Considering how long, large and heavy a regular paddle board is, this sounds like a remarkable idea.

But no one in the store, including the manager, could tell us exactly how long it would take to inflate this wonder board.

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