Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Windy Day in Diego

Behind our house is a narrow backyard, fence, steep downward slope, tall pine trees, sidewalk and a two-way street.

From inside and even standing on the back patio, it seems like we have lots and lots of space. And nature.

Which is deceiving but quite nice all the same.

The tall trees enhance the excitement of the little bit of windy weather that comes our way.

Inviting us to step outside and listen.

Here is a recent wind storm followed by a downpour --- both are relative terms as we are talking about San Diego weather which can be summed up by ten months of sunshine, May Gray, June Gloom and a scattering of drizzle in what we pretend is winter.

Select HERE to listen and see and be amazed.

Ok, it's not that dramatic.

But for this part of the country, it was pretty darn exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Impressive--adding a new dimension to your art. Loved the sound--could you hit repeat about 20 times and call it a sleep aid?