Monday, 12 March 2012

Nijiya Market Tour with Mineko Moreno

Had never been to this Japanese market but knew of Mineko Moreno's reputation as a top-notch sushi instructor (she is also the co-author of Sushi for Dummies).

So the market tour and Japanese lunch (offered by Great News!) was ideal.

For over two hours, our group followed Mineko around the grocery store, starting with produce and ending with ice cream. Then we walked to a restaurant nearby for a traditional Japanese lunch.

Although this was not a cooking class, it was a great way to learn about Japanese ingredients and become motivated to create authentic dishes at home.

I left with supplies for making Dashi, the base for Miso Soup, tempura batter mix, unfamiliar salad greens (mizuna) and root vegetable (kabu) plus Japanese beer from Moreno's hometown, Yebisu.

Here are a few bits and pieces from the tour.

In Japan, if you are told that you have 'Daikon Legs', it means that you have no ankles.

Dried persimmons are a favorite snack in Japan.

Kabocha squash - for soup or tempura or steam/puree and add to vanilla ice cream.

Miso for soup or sauces. This organic unpasteurized version is her favorite.

Crazy Americans have made Shirataki noodles a popular pasta replacement as they contain no carbs. 

Rice is the center of the universe!

An affordable sake that 'tastes pretty good'.

I would recommend checking out this market and taking a class by Mineko Moreno!

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