Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Heavy Metal Tour

Mouth of the Serpent at Stage Bar on 7/29

Having survived and even thrived with a toddler as a house guest for two weeks, my husband and I didn't think twice about inviting Andrew's band (Mouth of the Serpent) to stay with us during the first leg of their three-week cross-country tour.

He thanked us politely and insisted that he couldn't put us out as he was also traveling with another Los Angeles band, Polarization, an instrumental trio.

Well, what's a few more people, right?

So this past weekend, eight heavy metal musicians arrived on our doorstep late Saturday (technically Sunday morning) after an exciting night of music, signing autographs and kicking off their Altered States Tour at The Vault in Temecula.

The four that crashed in the living room.
We bonded.

Admired their tattoos.

Found out that the 'screamer' and I had something in common.

No, not piercings or colorful slang or the fact that I am also loud. 

We both attract mosquitoes. I contributed a can of Cutter's bug spray to his stash of road supplies and he tried to school me on the differences in the genre that is heavy metal. I am still confused but it was interesting.

On Sunday night, my friends and I watched both bands perform at Stage Bar in downtown San Diego. It was loud, screaming, growl-y, head-banging fun and they looked and sounded great on stage.

This might not be my music of choice, but I admire people that are passionate about what they do.

And these bands are passionate!

Steve, Prashant, Tom, Luis, Mikey, Andrew, Max, Justin

As I waved good-bye to the guys on Monday, before they drove off in Amanda and Dolores, their affectionately-named vans, filled with band equipment, merchandise, laptops and their smart phones, I was glad to have had a small look into their world.

I enjoyed my exposure to heavy progressive death metal.

And they in turn got a big kick out of the fact that I still have a land line.


  1. Oh Lori! This is why I love you so much! Party on!

  2. This has got to be my favorite Lori adventure of all time!! I'll bet they have never met anyone as awesome as you!

  3. Lori, thank you for being so accommodating!!! We love you! I also like how you photographed us while we were sleeping :P