Monday, 13 August 2012

Blues at the Bay


Rules posted outside the venue.

Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, a 1400-seat outdoor theatre situated on San Diego Bay.

The backdrop is sailboats and palm trees.

They need quality acts or no one would bother glancing at the stage, the setting is that gorgeous.

Luckily, the place delivers.

Last Thursday was a rousing night of blues, starting with an hour and a half of Jonny Lang. I lost count of the number of times he switched out guitars.

Such a great performance that it was easy to forget he wasn't the main attraction.

It was Buddy Guy.

Do you know him? Have you heard him live? Been to his blues bar in Chicago, Legends?

At 76, he is still a commanding force on stage...

I've been all around the world, everywhere is home
Drink wine with kings and the Rolling Stones
I got a few scars from the battles I won
'Cause I'm 76 years young

In the middle of his set, he introduced a 13-year old.


The kid grabbed the mike and asked if we had ever heard of 'Jimi Hendrix'? And then he played and sang and played some more. Had the audience on their feet.

I don't think Buddy is quite ready to pass the baton, as evidenced by his energy, voice and the fun he was having but it's nice to see that he is grooming the younger set.

Quinn Sullivan - check him out on YouTube.

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  1. Man! I am sooooo jelous. What a great show!