Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunset Sail in San Diego

For my birthday this year we went on a sunset sail that left from Harbor Island.

Even though we are lucky enough to have spent the summer swimming in pools and cavorting in the ocean, there is just something about floating around on a boat that provides pure bliss.

The whole adventure was only two hours but it felt like we went on a vacation - it was that much fun.

Four others signed up as well --- a young couple from Covina that watched the sunset through their phones (oh social media) and a not-as-young couple who left their 8-month old twins with sitters --- plus Captain John and his able sidekick.

Great group.

Each couple took a turn slumped down on the two bean bags in the front of the boat that offered the best view and a sense of complete privacy.

Here is a look at San Diego, from the water!

Almost a full moon.

Bare feet on board -- Captain said so.

Captain John at the helm.

Ropes everywhere.

The constant sound of lapping water.

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