Saturday, 20 September 2014

September Swims

My pool pass is quickly filling up.

It has been brutally hot this month.

In the 90's.

Besides keeping cool in the water, I have had the chance to observe swimmers, swimming attire and swimming etiquette on a regular basis.

Such as, it is customary to ask before you 'share a lane', dudes often wear swimsuits that look like biking shorts without the butt pad, many people use kick boards, pull-buoys and hand paddles (who knew the sport needed so much equipment).

When I purchased my pass from the lifeguard at the front desk, I mentioned that my technique leaves a lot to be desired and I might be the funniest looking swimmer out there. Later he came on duty, watched me swim a lap and bent over near my lane to say "not by a long shot" - it was gratifying to hear!

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