Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cucina Enoteca in Del Mar

My foodie friend and favorite Pilates instructor met me at Cucina Enoteca to catch up, take advantage of San Diego's Restaurant Week and be shamelessly flattered by the server.

Great way to end the week.

First thing I spotted inside the door was this dog. I think it was made from strips of rolled newspaper.

Hanging above the tables were vintage wooden shoe lasts.

And globes.

And covering the tables were charming ruffled linens.

All of which were completely forgotten when our waiter dropped off "two beautiful pizzas for two beautiful women"…...

Pizza with foraged mushrooms + taleggio + braised leek + truffle oil

Chatted up nearby diners who highly recommend the following appetizers:

* stuffed squash blossoms | herb ricotta + opal basil pesto + lemon aioli 
* grilled octopus | pickled beech mushroom + green onion+ acqua pazza aioli

Will have to wait till next time and oh there will definitely be a next time!


  1. Oh Lori!!!! That's so funny that you still think of me as a Pilates instructor. But I'm definitely still a foodie! Great photos. That was so much fun you beautiful lady!

  2. Once a Pilates Instructor, Always a Pilates Instructor --- and you are the BEST!