Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pilates Mat Class

This is my fit and fabulous instructor Connie.

For years, nearly a decade, I have been strengthening my core.

The area just above and just below the belly button.

Deep within my abdominals, very deep, not discernible to the naked eye, are strong and possibly taut muscles owed to the practice of Pilates.

Connie's hour-long class consists of a series of exercises, done in succession, smoothly transitioning from one position to the next.

There is Imprinting.

Lie on the mat. Seriously, just lie on the mat. With legs stretched long and palms down. Stare at the ceiling. Take a moment to align yourself. Then start doing nose circles.

There is the Butterfly. A bit like Imprinting only with frog legs and palms up.

After the stretching (the easy part) comes the 100's and a whole bunch of additional movements to get the heart racing.

Then three sets of three Teasers.

Connie starts with legs raised.

Reach. Lift. To finish.

Teasers, I can do.

And my Plank is becoming more straight and board-like.

Not this straight but pretty straight.

And the Elephant is actually relaxing.

But I still can’t throw my legs over my head.

Which is needed for the Plow, the Rollover and the Boomerang.

Which means there are three movements I can’t do.

At all.

I don’t seem to bend that way.

For motivation and inspiration, I watch all the others in class do the Plow.

Especially Margaret.

She is 82.

Which means there is some hope for me.


  1. I am so flattered that you chose to talk about our class. Truthfully, YOU make it so much more fun than it should be!

  2. Just looking at these pictures makes me feel calm.

  3. I love your commentary that accompanies each picture! I don't think I "bend" that way either!

  4. These three Mat Pilates positions are good starting point for more intense movements. Repeating these three positions can already make your body feel relaxed and exercised. It’s helpful that you’re watching different Pilates classes to inspire you to do it. You can do it! @ Form Body Lab