Friday, 3 June 2011

Carmel Valley Pool

Next to the Recreation Center.

Has eight swimming lanes, two water slides and a submerged play area for the kids. 

It opens on June 20th for the summer and a $35 pass covers 10 adult visits.

For days when you don’t want to deal with sand in your suit.

Instead there will be red-rimmed eyes, chlorine-scented skin and snagged suit bottoms from brushing against the concrete whilst getting in and out.

And for me, there is the additional bonus of slight humiliation.

Because I don’t know how to swim like regular people do – you know, breaststroke, backstroke, etc.

My method gets me across the pool and that’s about all that can be said about it.

Picture this.

Arms forward, in an inverted V formation. Then I push the water out into a T formation. Over and over till I reach the opposite edge. My chin is above the water’s surface. My feet are underwater kicking furiously. Swimmers in the lanes to my right and left ‘lap’ me.

On ponytail days, I can swim for half an hour like this and still have dry hair when I head to the locker room.

But that is probably not something to brag about.

Perhaps I am more of an ocean swimmer…

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