Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Zandra Rhodes, two-time neighbor

If you are unfamiliar, she is a pink-haired British fashion designer with a client list that included Princess Diana.

Last year, while living in London, I used to walk by a bright orange building, very modern, with a hot pink door.

It was the Fashion and Textile Museum around the corner from our flat.

Zandra Rhodes is the founder.

Because I saw it EVERY DAY for almost two months, I forgot to take a picture of THE BRIGHTEST BUILDING in the area.

And possibly all of London.

Except this one. Taken at night (the museum is on the left). It was unintentional. I was excited about the snow.

One morning my husband and I noticed a man standing on the balcony, on top of the museum, smoking.

Interesting that someone lived there.

Flash forward to two weeks ago.

I was listening to the car radio on the way to the gym.

Zandra was being interviewed about her exhibition at the Minghei International Museum in San Diego. She mentioned splitting her time between a penthouse above her museum in London and a place in Del Mar.


We were neighbors in London (blocks apart) and now we are neighbors in San Diego (just a few miles apart).

If I had her exact address I would drop off a coffee cake and introduce myself.

Instead I made another kind of neighborly gesture.

I drove to Balboa Park to admire her exhibit.

Mingei International Museum

The exhibit runs through April 3rd -
‘Zandra Rhodes – A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles’.

This gown was showcased on the stairs leading to the exhibit.

Even the mannequins have attitude.

Dinosaur Coat, 1971 collection

Coat Dress, 1971 Collection

Printed on shocking pink chiffon - from the 1970 collection.

My favorite from the exhibit.

Beautiful work neighbor!

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