Thursday, 28 April 2011


Outside the Museum of Art in Balboa Park, a tent is going up.

Inside there is a flurry of activity involving ladders, wet green foam, branches and buckets of flowers.

Preparations are underway…

 for the annual fundraiser, ART ALIVE, which is celebrating its 30th year.

It is an exhibition of floral arrangements inspired by the Museum’s art collection.

On the schedule for Friday is a Bouquet Bash.

Similar to Iron Chef.

Only the secret ingredient is an abundance of white flowers. Three floral designers will be battling it out for the best wedding bouquet.

Yesterday visitors were allowed a peek at the work in progress. 

Atop the grand staircase is a magnificent arrangement filtering the afternoon sun.

Today art-inspired floral arrangements will be set up on pedestals in front of paintings throughout the museum.

As far as I'm concerned, the scent alone is worth the price of admission this weekend!

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  1. Just gorgeous!! I get wrapped up in my own little world, and, as usual, you are broadening my horizons!