Monday, 18 April 2011

I Won!

And you will never guess what.

Not in a million years.

Give up?

I won the closest guess to the “How Heavy is this Pig?” contest that just took place in Haarle, a small town in The Netherlands.

The results of the official weigh-in were mailed out this past Friday.

A local farmer donates a pig every year. Then members of the voetbal (soccer) team go door-to-door (following the
tractor and wagon carrying the pig) selling chances for their fundraiser. Loud music is used to attract attention.

This lovely redhead is a scant 250.2 pounds, just 2 ounces above my guess-timate.

So exciting to be a winner.

Even this far away.

With no hope of having the prize delivered to my freezer (half a butchered pig).

The honor is enough.

Thanks go to my college roommate, Molly and her Dutch husband, Rieks, who bought the tickets and entered my guess along with those of other long-distance friends and family.

My 11-year old nephew’s reaction: "Which end of the pig does the winner get?"

I’m thinking the end that turns into bacon and pork chops and ribs…

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  1. Congratulations! How about buying a lottery ticket with Me?