Saturday, 16 April 2011


April is National Poetry Month.

Which featured “Put a Poem in your Pocket” on April 14th.

I did not know either of these facts until Thursday night.

Went to Mission Hills Public Library to hear thirteen local poets present works that appear in the San Diego Poetry Annual.

Poet Mai Lon Gittelsohn spoke of her mother and mother-in-law and the hilarity of buying sheets
(when spoken with a heavy accent, a loud voice and a short 'i' instead of a long 'e'.)

The evening was interesting, often laugh-out-loud funny and the subject matter was all over the map.

One comment and a story really stuck out.

A young gal, when describing her favorite poet, mentioned ‘an economy of language’.

I love that phrase.

It describes good writing, regardless of genre.

Later, a French poet/translator stood at the podium with a certain quiet grace and dignity and recounted a travel experience that took place in France. She met a young Asian woman at the airport who was inquiring about hotels in the area. The French woman, nervous that it was high season and rates would be dear, invited the stranger into her home and then felt honored by her presence. It made me slightly envious of the lucky young traveler.

Capping off this evening devoted to poems, I carpooled home with an irreverent poet laureate who amused us with naughty limericks until our cheeks almost burst from laughing.

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