Friday, 15 April 2011

Fletcher Cove

Looking west.

Looking east.

When we moved across the country from Hingham, Massachusetts, we settled in Solana Beach.

Home to our first apartment (a bit of a dump) with the distinction that it was ‘west of 5’.

Fletcher Cove was within walking distance.

A local treasure. 

Tucked into the community.

Since then, the beach/park has undergone major renovation (as shown above).

Lots of attention went into the details. 

Which is why I must talk trash.

And believe me, I am not dissing the place.

I think Fletcher Cover should be awarded “Best of”.

Best use of camouflage when it comes to large unsightly trash bins in the parking lot.

Here is the entrance.

Up close.

That was too close (but see the far right corner of the shot above).

Ivy covered, trellised enclosure with attractive gates.


I kid you not.

So head down to Fletcher Cove this summer.

To use the basketball court, the swings and the picnic tables.

Swim in the ocean and take a shower outdoors.

Just remember to throw away your garbage on the way out. 

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