Monday, 25 July 2011

$49 Facial

A quiet room for filling out the multi-page questionnaire.

Once thedailysave (a program that offers over 50% discounts on neighborhood goods and services) started posting $49 facials around town, I jumped at the chance.

And became a bit of a facial junkie.

I've had three in as many months.

Which is quite unusual as I probably haven't had a dozen in my entire life.

First I went to Patricia in Encinitas. Very no-nonsense, got down to business, very relaxing experience as there was no chit chat. Afterward, she offered a selection of items that I would need to keep my skin looking good and I said no thank you.

Then there was Nicole in Del Mar. Liked her a lot. Told her I was treating myself to affordable facials this year and she smiled and told me I must have excellent genes as I wasn't doing much to take care of my skin. Walked out of there with the softest skin and an over-priced moisturizer that I now use religiously.

Third was Jillian up in Carlsbad. Seemed more medical and technical. The pre-questionnaire was pages and pages long. Afterward my face felt sticky on the surface but underneath the pores felt plumped up and happy. Bought an over-priced sun screen to protect my face from future sun damage.

I think I am going to stop now.

As I get more and more relaxed and my skin gets softer and softer, I am succumbing to the need to fill my medicine cabinet with a whole slew of product.

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