Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Walter Andersen Nursery

Since my lettuce bolted, it was time to plant some replacements. My single head of red curly leaf, purchased locally, appeared dormant after weeks in the ground.

Figured it needed some peer pressure.

I found red leaf romaine.

Out in Poway.

In the midst of a business park.

Walter Andersen's nursery is bursting with choices - whether you need a bit of color.

Or extra vegetables to take you through the Fall.

Rows and rows of choices.

I picked up peppermint (because it smelled good) and another type of green bean (because the one I originally planted is a bit of a tangled mess).

To get there, take the 1-15, exit Scripps Poway Parkway, go east, make a left on Community Road and it will be on your left hand side (on Danielson Court).

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