Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dosa, Samosa and Idly

That was what we ordered on an afternoon trip to India.

Ok, it wasn't really India but a shopping center in San Diego filled with Indian restaurants, markets, a hall that offers classes in Bollywood-style dancing and a clothing store that featured threading (an ancient method of hair removal).

The best part was an opportunity to mix with patrons looking splendid in saris and Nehru jackets.

Start with lunch.

We ordered dosa, a flat pancake with a variety of different fillings and were told to help ourselves to the sambar, a spicy soup filled with vegetables, a meal in itself.

There was also a selection of chutneys – coconut, peanut and tomato.

Our dosa contained potatoes and peas.

Vegetarian samosas were deep-fried and deliciously crunchy.

The idly, a steamed bun, was rather bland and needed the dipping sauces.

After lunch, we checked out the markets.

Jugs of mustard oil, packages of naan, bags of lentils and jars of spices filled the shelves.

And for those so inclined, a wedding kit for under $20.

Whether you are recently engaged or just hungry, take the 805 freeway, exit Miramar Road, head east and make a left on Black Mountain Road. The shopping center will be on your left.

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  1. YUM! I had no idea there was an Indian shopping center. I don't think you are ever going to run out of things to write about! (At least I hope you never do!)