Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Imperial Beach Sandcastle Competition

The sandcastle hat was almost as tall as the man wearing it.

This weekend we watched teams of adults play in the sand.

We arrived super early.

Squares were cordoned off with yellow caution tape.

Many competitors had a model (drawn)….

or molded in clay, depicting their game plan.

The sand was plentiful but it was necessary to haul in the water.

One bucket or two buckets at a time.

Or a coordinated bucket brigade. Wearing gloves. Smart gals.

Judges walked the beach all day long.

Only hand tools were allowed.

Shovels, rakes, tools to ‘tamp down’ the sand.

A very large ‘tamper’.

There was also technique. This gal preferred the ‘add on’ method to lettering as opposed to carving.

She slapped on a very wet glob of watery sand to show us.

Spray bottles were used to moisten structures.

This guy didn’t mess around, he wore a tank on his back.

As the hours ticked by, mounds of sand turned into faces.

And angry birds.

By noon, the crowds were thick.

We didn’t stay to hear who won. 

Or see the finished sandcastles.

But so enjoyed the progress, which started as a blank canvas of sand.

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