Saturday, 22 October 2011

Antique Boutique in Julian

Although we head to Julian for many reasons, most of which start with a hankering to pick apples (in the Fall), drink apple cider or eat apple pie (any time of year), we almost always stop here while we are in town.

Years ago we got a spectacular deal on a chaise lounge we refer to as the fainter. As in ‘please dear guest make yourself comfortable and relax on our fainter’.

When we found it at Antique Boutique it was scratched up and covered in faded pink flowered fabric. The stuffing was popping out in various places. Hmmm, all the sudden I am thinking 'spectacular deal' was an overstatement.

Still, it had good bones (architecturally speaking).

We hauled it south to Tijuana and a recommended furniture craftsman did the re-upholstery, shined up and stained the wood and gave it back to us in pristine condition.

So I have warm feelings when I walk into this shop.

Look past the hodgepodge displays, step over Jake (the 13-year old dog that usually parks himself near the front) and admire all the old stuff.

From scales.

To a chip and dip bowl, I think.

A vacuum.

And some type of cooking appliance that the owner said could handle a small turkey.

We walked out with a set of six delicate glasses from the 1940’s. In perfect condition. Meant for sipping sherry.

Perhaps they can be updated. 

And used for limoncello!

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  1. Lovely word picture. As for the limoncello glasses, are you sure they are big enough?