Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Eclipse Chocolat

This is drinking chocolate.

$4.50 per cup.

Not to be confused with a mug of cocoa.

Because this is lavender sea-salted caramel drinking chocolate.

And even though I walked in thinking that I wanted to try their cupcakes or brownies or candies or caramels it was more than satisfying to drink my chocolate.

Of course, I brought home a cupcake and caramels and some candies.

I’m not stupid.

Got to chat with the friendly knowledgeable owner. They are opening a second location soon.

Asked about their packaged sets of drinking chocolate with homemade marshmallows – could I recreate the same experience at home?

Turns out that a battery operated milk-frothing tool would be helpful.

Who knew?

Perhaps I could get my husband to wear one of the store t-shirts when he serves me.

Or maybe we should just come back for Sunday brunch and try one of the dark chocolate salted croissants.

And watch the masters at work.

Because this is definitely an experience worth repeating.

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