Monday, 10 October 2011

Fence Project

We are not the original owners of our house.

But the fence has been around the whole time.

So deterioration has occurred.

Time and weather doing damage until fence posts became partials.

One whole section headed for the street before it was yanked into submission and tied.

Which prompted lots of conversation about replacement options.

And how easy it would be to do it ourselves.

One weekend should do the trick. It was just a matter of digging a few holes and mixing up a bit of cement.

But there was never a whole weekend to get the job done.

So estimates were gathered. Decisions were made. Do-It-Yourself went by the way side.

A father and son team was brought in. Along with materials and tools.

They tore down and hauled away the rickety remains.

And dug and dug and dug and measured and leveled and painted and now we have a bright new shiny black fence that has a lifetime guarantee.

And we never broke a sweat!

1 comment:

  1. Not gonna lie, your peeling-paint photo was kinda pretty and your missing fence post photo was kinda hysterical! Congrats on the new fence :)