Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mountain Valley Ranch

This is my favorite pumpkin patch.

It is in Ramona.

On the way to Julian.

They even sell hay bales.

A fun accessory item this time of year.

And the place is filled with old farm equipment.

White pumpkins are available for baking.

Brightly colored, oddly-shaped gourds...

and dried corn can be used for decorating your holiday table.

Creepy fellas appear around the corner.

Outside are the activities.

Like the petting zoo.

This baby buffalo never came close enough to touch but his fur seemed luxurious.

An amazing goat maze.

Goats were just hanging out.

It was so stinkin’ hot they probably had no energy to make use of their playground structure.

The mountains provided a scenic backdrop.

A corn cannon kept the kids amused.

Cob was selected.

Stuffed and then tamped into the tube.

Young man in charge quickly got out of the way while children aimed and fired into the field.

Photo ops dotted the landscape.

Shrieks could be heard from inside the corn maze.

Little ones came tearing out.

Delighted to have found the exit.

Can’t imagine a better place to pick a pumpkin.

In San Diego County.

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