Monday, 31 October 2011


They arrived in pairs, in groups and even individually.

Some were tall, like this high school boy, dressed as Snow White with a posse of pretty girls identified as Bashful and Dopey and so on.

A little chef rang the doorbell. 

Later some condiments showed up.

The age range was extreme.

Our first trick-or-treater never made it to the door. She tottered a few steps and then screamed for her Mommy to pick her up and carry her home.

A handful of adults, in costume, requested candy (is this a new trend?).

My favorites are the littlest ones. A miniature dinosaur, who couldn't have been more than three, was costumed from head to tail with only his round face and chubby cheeks exposed. He roared and told us that he liked football. We thought about inviting him in to watch the Charger game but it was getting close to his bedtime.

I told these siblings that they were oh-so-cute and the proud brother immediately threw his arm around his sister and waited till we got out the camera!

One middle-schooler was covered in nothing but green paint (from the torso up) and made an impressive Green Lantern.

There were robots and werewolves and eyes that glowed.

Our plastic cauldron is empty of Butterfingers, Hershey Bars, Snickers, Nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth and Heath Bars.

There were 145 trick-or-treaters at our door tonight.


  1. 1. CUTE!

    2. 145?!! Are you kidding me? We didn't get many more than a dozen!

  2. The Universe knows that this is YOUR holiday. We had 6 doorbell rings for a total of 16 candy dispensings.

    It must be some kind of pull, like chocolate gravity. It will be on NOVA soon.