Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Food Trucks

As kids there was nothing like the sound of an ice cream truck. High-pitched music heard from a block away. An advance warning to gather coins and run to the street. The driver-server (usually an unkempt older fellow) would stick his head out for your order and then reach into the treasure trove of a freezer box to pull out an ice cream bar or multi-colored popsicle.

Times have changed.

So have the trucks.

Now they are parked.

And location, times and menus are broadcast from a website and Twitter.

Corner Cupcakes pulls up in in Mira Mesa every Wednesday.

 Today is their 1st anniversary.

Evident by the fondant decoration and the customer who was belting out the Happy Birthday song when I walked up.

Two gals operate the business. They are super friendly. Greeted the regulars by name.

In August they won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network channel and said the competition is even more intense and crazy than what you see on tv.

This morning mini-champagne cupcakes were passed out to commemorate the special occasion.


Only surpassed by their chocolate cupcake with salty caramel frosting.

It is a mix and match approach to doing business. The truck is filled with a variety of naked cupcakes and an assortment of filled piping bags. The customer decides on the combination.

A made-to-order treat on wheels!

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