Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today is the official start of summer.

Which means I have missed my window of opportunity.

Or is it passé?

My maternal Grandmother was quite serious about the yearly ritual. Even going so far as washing the walls.

I don’t think I have ever washed a wall.

Unless you count shower tiles.

Anyhoo, I had a plan last week to pick a small manageable area to Spring clean.

The balcony.

Which hasn’t seen a broom in well over a year.

Certainly this would make the Before & After pictures especially dramatic.

And isn't that the point - to have startling results?
Here is the BEFORE.

On a gloomy June morning.

Along with the camera, I should have brought a broom, scrub brush, some Simple Green, a garden hose, shears to trim the bougainvillea, additional potting soil and a few odds and ends to spruce things up.

But I didn't.


Still debating whether I should wait till next year or just go ahead and clean out-of-season.

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