Monday, 13 June 2011

Lavender Fields

We drove for less than an hour to visit Keys Creek Lavender Farm.

The perfect antidote to San Diego’s May Gray and June Gloom as this organic farm is inland where the sun shines brightly.

It is open to the public two months of the year. When we need blue skies the most.

There are places to sit quietly and contemplate nature.

Walkways between the rows of lavender.

A teahouse with a porch in the back.

Lavender scones with lavender jelly, lavender herbal tea, lavender….well, you get the idea.

After a 15-minute chair massage, complete with  lavender lotion and a view of the gorgeous fields…. 

It was time to check out the gift shop.

This table needed to be re-filled while we were waiting in line at the cashier.

Seems everyone was taking home a lavender souvenir.

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