Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fair Food

Attracts large crowds.

There is the novelty of trying the latest concoction:

Deep-Fried Baby-Ruth-Filled Jalapenos (would that constitute an appetizer or dessert?)
Deep-Fried Kool-Aid (how is that even possible?)
Deep-Fried Beer-Battered Bacon Bliss (cuz there’s just not enough fat in plain old bacon).

Or eating food presented in a different way, like the Texas Twist.

Or searching for a vegetable like corn on the grill.

BBQ turkey legs are popular with the carnivores.

There is something for everyone.

For me it is Australian Battered Potatoes. A plate of crispy tater slices, topped with cheese and ranch dressing.

By the second piece, I usually feel a little bit ill.

Isn't that part of the fair food experience?

Thanks Joey.

See ya next year.

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