Thursday, 26 April 2012

Leucadia Gardens, Pt. 2

Each of the gardens that we toured in Leucadia was distinct.

Here is the garden that relished ironworks and was not afraid of rust.

Birdbath transformed into a succulent garden.

Cozy seating on the veranda.

Metal plant holder.

Rustic iron trellis.

Formal outdoor dining.

Well worn and well aged.

Here is the garden that belonged to a ceramics artist.

A good-sized workshop at the back of the property.

Art was incorporated into the landscape.

My favorite piece, a delicate rain chain.

Here is the garden that encouraged games.

A large stretch of lawn, perfect for a game of croquet.

Horseshoes with a gorgeous backdrop.

Here is the garden that could not be tamed.

Center, towards back, is an enormous artichoke plant that thinks it's a tree.

Blooms threaten to take over.

Behind the fruit orchard is a corner for raising chickens.

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