Monday, 9 April 2012

Peeps with Personality

Inspired by the annual Washington Post Diorama Contest, we asked our Easter guests in San Diego to decorate, dress, add props to, or in some way fashion a PEEP to depict their career, hobby or current interest.

It was a blast.

We turned a styrofoam mini-cooler upside down and brought out the marshmallow chickens and bunnies, toothpicks to secure the people to the 'stage' and a boxful of items to inspire (fabric, foil, cardboard).

Ended up with a bulky-armed photographer and his fashionista gal.

A paddle boarder and his fiancee learning how to pole dance.

A heavy metal musician.

A chef.

A gardener with rake and wide-brimmed hat.

A pianist and her big-screen-loving man.

A surfer unable to steady his 'celery stick' board.

A biker (my husband cheated and used a miniature bicycle but he did 'make' the foil helmet) and a telescope enthusiast patiently waiting for the sun to go down.

So much fun...


  1. Oh my goodness I think you are the funniest person I know!!!!! So cute!!