Friday, 27 April 2012

Leucadia Gardens, Pt. 3

Each of the gardens that we toured in Leucadia was distinct.

Here is the garden that was influenced by international travel.

Flagstone patio and pool.

Indian Ganesh.

Outdoor lounging and dining space.

Grape arbor.

Here is the garden that makes a great impression coming and going.

Just off the street, the gated archway.

View from doorstep as one is heading out for the day.

Even the side entrance from the driveway is inviting.

Here is the garden where the owner restores classic automobiles, gas pumps and ancient iceboxes before tending to vegetables and finding time to relax.

The garage level is all about classic cars.

Bringing the past to life.

From signage to furniture.

Even an old pop dispenser.

Above the garage are the vegetable beds.

The front yard is devoted to rest and relaxation.

And watching the fat cat at play.

Here is the garden that was not on the tour but had the best tree art.

Go Red Sox!

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