Wednesday, 4 April 2012


This will be my first attempt to care for orchids.

I have high hopes.

And a very large plant stand.

Don't laugh at the scale issue. Ok, snicker if you must. But I have to see if the affordable-sized orchids will take to their new space before I make a large orchid investment.

They seem to be a very fussy plant.

According to the folks at Armstrong's Nursery:

Orchids like to have their roots tightly confined (snug) and they need special dirt (orchid bark).

When it is time to water the orchid, soak the roots in lukewarm distilled water for 15 minutes and don't get the leaves (especially where they meet at the base) wet.

I bought bigger pots thinking that the orchid would grow faster if it had a large living environment. 

But apparently that is not the case.

When you transplant an orchid, go up to a slightly bigger size. My new pot on the left  is a little on the too-big size. 

Do not transplant while the plant is blooming. Wait till the flowers are gone.

This is going to be an interesting experiment - will the orchids get enough light, will I remember to water, is Brita-water the same as distilled or do I have to stock special orchid water, how many years before the orchid trio gets wider and taller and doesn't look so stupid in the plant stand?

Sometimes I wish I had inherited my Grandma's love for plastic flower arrangements.

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