Friday, 19 July 2013

A Wee Bit About Scotland

Green. Green. Green.

As far as the eye can see.


Errr, tartan.

Not just in the kilts, scarves, rugs (throw blankets) but covering the windows.


Toast in a rack.

With plenty of hot tea to wash it down.

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

One of life's simple pleasures.

Fish and Chips taken seriously.

Do not order unless you are quite hungry.

Secondary roads.

And the endless photo ops.

Driving on the left side.

At all times.

Except on single track roads.

Where you must be alert for head-on traffic.

Midges. Some are blood-suckers. Some are not.

All are annoying.

Smidge is a repellant.

The real bugs are not this colorful.

And definitely not this cute.


Sheep are friendly and willing to pose for pictures.

Yes, it is scotch, but you order 'a whisky'.

'Wee' is used in conversation.

A lot.

It also crops up on the signage.

And that is just a wee bit about Scotland!


  1. Oh Please take me with you next time!!!!!

  2. A perfect wee profile. I am so glad to be seeing this through your eyes.