Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Glass House in Edinburgh

"We are looking for a Marriott."


In the passenger seat, I kept scanning the buildings as my husband expertly navigated the busy streets, detouring around construction and handling the roundabouts while driving on the left side of the road.

It was our first BIG city in Scotland - Edinburgh.

"It's called Glass House."

Wow, that can't be it. It looks like a museum or something.

But it was the hotel.

Stepping out of the elevator on the third floor, we were greeted (silently, of course) by these three gals.

Down the hall, there was an 'honor bar'.

We were upgraded to a garden terrace room.

Would have been happy to settle in and enjoy the comforts of The Glass House but it was our only night in town so we had to hit the streets.

As we were leaving, these folks were coming in.

Lucky for us the 'Gatsby' party was still in full swing when we returned and it was right outside our terrace.

The music was great.

Wish I had thought to pack a flapper dress. 

Oh wait, we weren't invited.

But it was still fun from the sidelines. 

Last sunset in Scotland.

From our rooftop.

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