Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fairy Pools

Months ago I saw a picture of Fairy Pools of Scotland on Pinterest.

Wow. Stunning.

It became the ONLY thing I wanted (had) to do on our trip. Swim in a fairy pool.

So the first night, at our first B&B, we asked the proprietor, "How do we get there?"

She gave us a map and used a Sharpie to mark a route from Portree to an unnamed area above Glenbrittle near the Cuillin Hills.


Seemed off the beaten track but then the best things are.

Did I mention that there was a bit of a heat wave while we were in Scotland?

The poncho from Sport Chalet and hi-tech jacket from REI purchased specifically to battle the rain were folded in our suitcase and never saw the light of day.

Instead we wore sunscreen.

Tourists and locals mentioned HOW VERY LUCKY we were with the weather and who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Talk of horizontal rain the week before was brought up frequently.

Which is to say, if one is dying to swim in Scotland, we had the perfect weather for it.

So off we went, following the simple instruction to stop somewhere above Glenbrittle.

There were no signs pointing out this wonder of nature until we actually reached the Fairy Pools so there was great debate along the drive as to whether this adventure would be worth it.

It was.

Times a million.

Here is the one and only sign at the entrance to the parking lot. Which was full of cars and two tour buses.

This is the view as we started out on the trail.

Starting to wonder what was ahead.

Ahhhh, this is looking better.

A waterfall in sight.

Hmmmm, sheer rocks.

But glorious waterfall and pool down below.

Unfortunately no way to get down there without some sort of rapelling gear.

Moving along.

Oh, there must be a way into this section.

To pretty to pass up.

This might just work.

Hope the rocks aren't too slippery.

All mine.

Found the perfect spot.

Secluded, deep clear water, red rock for visual interest....I'm going in.


(To the left, just outside this shot, is a waterfall with another small pool).

Here is the rest of the crowd that braved the water that day...many up to their ankles, a few who jumped in and quickly out, three guys in full wetsuit who said 'it wasn't that bad'.

Which is why I was photographed, by a few tourists, while I was up to my neck swimming around my pool.

Once I got over the initial chill, I didn't want to get out.

Thank you social media for pointing us to one of the highlights of our trip.

My Lonely Planet Guide to Scotland made no mention of this extraordinary place.

It would have been a shame if we had missed it.

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