Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tertti Manor in Mikkeli

On the way to the lake house in Finland, we were treated to a fancy lunch at Tertti Manor.

And I do mean 'treated'.

In every sense of the word.

Unexpected delights and surprises at every turn...

I'll just start at the beginning.

After hours of driving and passing mostly trees and gas stations, we finally found Tertti Manor along Highway 5. We parked the car, stretched our legs and meandered over to say hi to the hunting dogs.

Hi Vekku!

Up the path was the manor and a row of five cozy guest rooms.

The foyer was charming.

Perfect room to enjoy a cup of tea.

After signing the guest book, of course.

Turns out there were many options for where to dine in the manor.

Here is the main (most spacious) room in the house.

Love the lighting.

Here is the dead-stuffed-flying-bird room.

The Bloggess would be right at home but we felt a bit, errr, overwhelmed (as if something might 'drop' on our heads).

Oh my! 

Think we'll check out the other rooms.

Cozy nook and lovely Victorian settee.

This little frog held the door open and beckoned the three of us to the porch.

Fresh air. 

The sounds of non-taxidermied wildlife. 

And the greenery...induced us to pick a table outside.

This is where we settled in.

Nope, did not recognize even one Finnish word when I was handed the menu.

In yet another room was the buffet.

And a gorgeous chandelier....hard to look down and select from the variety of fish as I was so enchanted by the dangling glassware.

The elderflower wine and local beer were delicious --- we picked some up in the gift shop to take on the road.

Our lunch was a medley of flavors and crunch and smokiness.

Yes indeed, we all went back for seconds.

And dessert.

And tea.

But then the three of us walked off our lunch by visiting the gardens.

And the boutique up the road.

Offering a wide selection of umbrellas and fascinators.

Not sure either would be useful back home in San Diego.

The gift shop was full of treats and the building itself was quite impressive.

And this light fixture.


What did I tell you.

Our stop for lunch was a treat in every sense imaginable!

We hopped back in the car, declaring many times over, "much better than a gas station".

Which was the understatement of the year and a terrific phrase to use the rest of our vacation!


  1. I'm kind of in love with the dead stuffed bird room. Is Finland the cutest country in the world? Next time you HAVE TO take me with you!

    1. Oh Connie, you crack me up --I just sent a picture of the bird room to Jenny Lawson (aka Bloggess) as it seemed right up her alley. I had NO idea you shared the same aesthetic!