Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Helsinki Boy

I have written about him here and here.

A whole year since we had seen that mischievous little grin.

He is much taller now. Faster. More daring. Climbing and swinging from the inside and outside of a spiral staircase in the lake house.

Running and running and running down the country road (it was over a mile) to get the daily paper. 

Pillow fights, wrestling matches, getting tossed higher and higher in the lake, he was a ball of energy from morning (when he put away an enormous bowl of oatmeal) till night. 

And always seemed to be several steps ahead of us.

Several dozen steps!

Last Wednesday, July 24th, he became a big brother.

Given that his baby sister was born an hour after his parents arrived at the hospital, she might also possess the same amount of energy and 'need for speed'.

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