Monday, 22 July 2013

Claigan Coral Beach

The white sand beach on the Isle of Skye is far different than anything we have encountered here in San Diego.

From the parking lot, the beach is not even visible.

There is a turnstile.

And a warning sign.

A quarter mile down the road one has to dodge the enormous cow pies that litter the trail.

And wonder if flip flops was an ideal choice of footwear.

Over the hill and around the bend.

Stepped out of my sandals and right into the water.

And in a matter of seconds, my legs were tingly and then a bit numb.

Possibly why no one else was in the water.

According to the Skye Guide, the beach is not made of coral at all. It is composed of pieces of dessicated and sun-bleached algae.

I guess that was too wordy to fit on a beach sign.

Hence Coral Beach.

We collected a few shells before heading back to the trail.

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